Switch Circuit Breaker?


??? Needs same type as [486-5156-ND ] but needs 6 pin per datasheet (5,6 , A, B, P1, P2)

The Z8 in the part number indicates an undervoltage release function that’s not connected to either of the switched lines and scaled for 12V AC/DC. Doesn’t look like a common variant.

We don’t know why that specific breaker was chosen, how it’s been wired in the application, or what happens if that function isn’t included. Best bet would be to find an electrically equivalent replacement, which would be a TA45-ABC(xx)C00Z8-(xxx). But again, the Z8 isn’t a common thing apparently so if it’s some sort of emergency replacement sort of situation, I’d skip the UVR and just take the overcurrent protection with something like 486-5155-ND.

Be advised that if the protected equipment has some sort of nasty behavior like catching fire if there’s a power glitch unless the “don’t catch fire” button is held while closing the breaker, this might not be a good idea… In that case, the 486-5156 or something like it might be something that could be made to work, but without knowing the internals of the application I can’t say if or how from here.