ATMEGA328PB better alternative

Hi all

I’ve been using the ATMEGA328PB for a lot of applications but I want to know what options would you choose as its “bigger brother” in terms of ports , speed, peripherals etc. I’m not trying to move from a 32 pin uC to a 112pin, perhaps a ~50pin

And important that its on the mainstream line of Microchip-AVR. Also the uC to have a lot of discussion, forum threads etc like its older brother the ATMEGA328P


Looking in the same family, you can look at ATMEGA324PB-MU, which is a 44pin, and has more I/O pins.

Hi Vicvicvar,

I usually migrate to ATMEGA1281 when the I/O resources of 328 are not adequate. However, it has only one I2C, which is a downgrade from 328BP.

heke, AsamaLab

Hi vicvicvar,

When you say you are using the ATMEGA328PB, are you using the Arduino IDE and writing sketches with their library functions, or are you writing in embedded C using the Atmel/Microchip IDE?

If you are using the former, then you can move up to 32-bit ARM based products which are adapted to the same Arduino IDE and similar libraries, such as these:

If the latter, then you are limited to the Atmel/Microchip AVR product line unless you want to convert to something like ARM products or PIC32’s. Most AVR’s are limited to 20MHz instruction speeds, with the exception of AVR DA and DB subfamily family and the XMEGA subfamily, which can run up to 24MHz and 32MHz, respectively. However, the XMEGA’s are limited to 3.6V operating voltage.

While on that subject, most faster MCU’s are also limited to 3.6V or less, so you will want to keep that in mind.