Attempting to identify spring-loaded header with pins

12 pins, 2.54mm spacing. I thought this would be a Mill-Max part, but I couldn’t find anything on Digikey or the Mill-Max site that looked right.

This is a pretty good photo of the part I’m trying to identify, shamelessly copied from

Hi Clee, thanks for your post. Unfortunately I was also unable to locate an exact match, however with the specs you provided this appears to be a basic male pin header of which we have plenty of alternate options, assuming your part has no special features. Please take a look at them at this link
If you know the lengths of the pins that can also help us to get a closer match.

Hi Zach!

Unfortunately, this does have a special feature: the pins on the “Pro Micro” side in the above come out and socket into springs hidden inside the black insulator (hence the “spring-loaded header with pins” from the title), and I need that specific feature.

This Japanese shop has them, but I don’t speak Japanese and I don’t know if there’s any way to get them to ship to the US:

Found some more info, and it turns out these don’t work the way I thought they did! Each “pin” is actually two legs spread out, which can be seen more clearly here:

I did find some headers that have 1 side similar to the header you have pictured. SAM15243-ND. I also reached out to the manufacturer to see if there are any options that have this press-fit contact on both sides.

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Unfortunately I was informed that Samtec does not offer this as an option, however I think it helps to identify that you are looking for a press-fit to press-fit board spacer.

Thanks for looking into this!

I ended up ordering a bunch of ED5932-24-ND headers and ED4764-24-ND sockets which I think will do the job, even if it’ll require a bunch of soldering.

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