Need visual confirmation

I need a 2x5 pin header (2.54) to break out two USB ports. This requires a keyed header where one pin is missing. The first time we produced boards with this part, we based our selection on the image. The image was incorrect, so that caused a bit of unwanted manual labor.

I now need to know if the image for this part does indeed show the correct pin missing?

Can someone that knows this product please confirm? The datasheet does not offer enough information to understand what “Polarized Position” is supposed to mean and what pin number it might relate to.

Ok. Turns out that TSM-105-01-S-DV-010-P-TR is the part we used that had the wrong image. Given that, then this part should be correct:

So I need confirmation that both of these could have the wrong image? Also - the supplied CAD file/footprint for the DV-010 part is incorrect.