Audio codec AK7755 interface for USB audio application

Hi Community,

Please find the details below.

• We have started working USB Audio application for Speaker and Microphone.
• For this application, we have selected PICMX470F512H microcontroller board as Master
Dynamic Dev Tool Page | Microchip Technology
• We are selected Audio codec AK7755 as a daughter board for Slave.
• For our application, USB should detect as a Audio input device(enumerator) and we have to get that output through Speaker connecting with AK7755 codec lineout.
• USB enumeration has done, As suggested, we have modified the codec driver with respect to AK7755 driver library, but still we are not getting output from Codec.
• Ofter modification of codec driver, we have observed that, I2C SDA is not responding from Slave side(AK7755) .

we needed kind support, thanks in advance.


Another tech or engineer may be of more use for this particular topic, however below are a few things to check over:

Verify jumpers are correct:
Jumper to select power source: Debug USB connector, Target USB connector and external +5V input (J8).
Jumper to drive VBUS in Host mode (J13).
Jumper to select on-board debugger or external debugger (J2).

Verify enable/disables are correct:
User button (S1) enabled; Reset button (MCLR) disabled and the output LEDs lighting when enabled

Verify correct mode & power supply:
-Make sure the power supplies are the same voltage, or at least share a common ground between the two boards