Audio Adaptor

Is there anywhere in the world an Audio-Adaptor or Changer
from 3,5mm (Output!) Jack to USB-C (Input!)

I mean not !!! an Adaptor form USB-C to 3,5mmm Jack

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Is the 3.5 mm plug line level or microphone level?

For microphone level input almost any USB sound card will have it like this Tripp Lite model.

More expensive models have both microphone and line level inputs like this one from Startech.

However it has USB-B output, so you would need to use an adaptor to connect to USB-C.

There are line level input to USB-C sound cards manufactured but I didn’t find one @ Digi-Key.

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Thank you for your prompt answer!
I need it for the transport of a line-out music-signal from a Yamaha silent guitar (3,5 mm) to an active speaker with USB-C input

…so I need a line level Output with 3,5mm to an line level input with USB-C. Can you tell me, wher I can ask further questions?

Hello herbert.puschnig,

The only thing I found is 95-U437-001-ND.
Please check the datasheet for compatibility to your application.

The best place to ask is a forum with musicians who use those type of guitars.
Another good option would be Guitar Center or a local music shop.

The data sheet does not give me confidence it has any input functions, and I definitely didn’t find line level mentioned at all.

Dear Paul!
I think there is no technical possibility to transfer a line audio signal from 3,5mm to USB-C. That means to change an digital signal into an analog one.
That is what I learned from your answers.

Thank you for your efforts

3.5mm audio is analog and USB audio is digital so analog/digital convertors are required.

For digital to analog you need a DAC (Digital to Analog Convertor).

For analog to digital you need an ADC (Analog to Digital Convertor).

Many USB sound card devices contain both a DAC and an ADC.

Thank you Paul!
Now I shall search on this line.

Now I found the solution on Youtube:


Great find, thanks for posting the solution.

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