Automated trans filter and cooling at two independent temps

I have been trying to figure out how to use a single temp sensor impute into an Ink Bird type controller or PID to activate a scavenging pump to push my trans oil through a filter and back into my trans through a port. I also have an external oil cooler with a fan in that same oil loop. I don’t need the oil cooler to activate until my oil temps get to approx.150F. But I need my pump to activate at 110F automatically. The reason is the oil needs to warm prior to being pumped but I cannot wait until it hits 150F as the bearing sleeves for the mainshaft bearing loosens at approximately 170. This is a magnesium trans case for a specialty built VW transaxle under heavy load.
Ultimately I would like to be able to manually activate or deactivate the pump at any temperature with a momentary button or switch but if I forget to activate the pump, it will automatically power up at a set temp. This would initiate the pump and cycle the oil through the system including the oil cooler. And If or when the oil temp reaches the high set temp, the oil cooler fan will activate to cool the oil prior to the oil returning to the trans. I have had a ton of discussions on many forums and everyone has different ideas of how to do this. It seems simple to me and I’m sure it has been done many times. I came across this forum and figured I would seek some professional solutions. Below is one solution using 4 automotive Bosch relays. But there MUST be a simpler system. One temp input with two independent relays activated at different levels of said impute signal. I assume there must be a microcontroller that can achieve this with logic. Any thoughts? Cheers!