Automotive cable crimp splice connectors

I am in search of crimp splice connectors for automotive cable to perform inline splices.

The cable is always stranded pvc cable.

The CMA of the cables (single cable) is 1200, 2000, 3900, 5900.

I use an F type crimper, usually a Delphi 8913440. I have other crimpers available.

I am unsure as to which series of crimp connectors is most suitable.

63130-2 is an example of the type of connector I am interested in.

Thank you.

Hello RonKMcD and welcome to the Forum.

I’ve taken a look and there isn’t a single crimp that would fit the whole range. but These two from TE AMP Connectors should cover the majority of your use cases.

I can’t speak to the compatibility of your tooling with anything I have in catalog.