Does this connector require an install tool?

Does 1-487526-9 connector require a special tool to install the cable into the connector?

-1-487526-9 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

Is it possible to cut the following flat flexible cable with a rafter square and sharp utility knife further down the cable until there’s no visible rust. Then insert the flat flexible cable into a new connector?

Welcome to the DigiKey tech forum. I wouldn’t recommend cutting the cable and trying to put a new connector on, the cable conductors should have pins on the end that have crimp sockets attached to them inside the connector housing. I would suggest looking at our value add cable options listed here to see if one of these will work for a replacement.

Steve is correct. The hand tool needed to crimp those types of sockets can be found here for a significant sum.

You’ll want to find a pre-terminated cable if at all posible.

That type of socket is not easy to terminate, as it has a type of vampire connection.

How is this extension cable installed? Is there an installation video?

How do you know that 1-528013-1 tool is for 1-487526-9 connector? Is there a datasheet which indicates this?

The cable is attached to the dishwasher keypad and a new keypad with the cable is over $300.

The original cable in the picture looks like it was terminated by hand because the cable is/was bent near the connector since I pulled it out.

I referenced one of the contacts for this, for example 2-487406-4.

If you pull that contact part number up on TE Connectivity’s website here and scroll down to Compatible Parts - Tooling you’ll see the referenced crimp tool.

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Now I understand after reading the install manual for the tool that these Contact Flex Connectors are stapled onto the flex cable one by one and then are inserted into the housing.

Are these flat flex jumper cables soldered onto the existing flex cable with a hot air gun or soldering iron?

The solder tab is crimped on with an automated press in a similar vampire connection that the socket on the other end is crimped on.