Need Connector for these parts

I need a connector/cable to connect these to parts:

Part Number #: 10132797-031100LF
Part Number #: 10132798-031100LF

Direct connection is not an option for my situation.


Welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum pandable.
I’m sorry, but we do not have an “extension” type cable for these connectors.
The only option I know of, is to use both connectors to make your own cable.
Seeing the leads of these are very close, it will be very difficult.

Being a “board to board” connector type, flexible extensions indeed are not a standard offering. Fabrication of rigid PCBs with a footprint for the desired connectors on one side and a suitable FFC connector on the other would allow use of an FFC cable to make such a thing at a modest cost.

Mounting the connectors directly to a custom rigid-flex printed circuit would be a space-saving alternative, but significantly more costly in low quantities.

If there is a need for only a few cables, one could solder two 0.5mm FFCs directly to the mating connector pins. May look ugly, but likely works.
Cheers, heke.