Automotive connector identification (4-pin, early/mid 1990's)


I’m having a hard time identifying a 4-pin radiator fan connector (male and female) for a early/mid 1990’s Japanese Mazda car.


Unfortunately I do not have any other information other than the above images.

And info would be highly appreciated. Thank you!




I was not able to find one like this in our catalog. The closest items are found in the terminal housing section. Oftentimes for large automotive companies like Mazda will use a proprietary connector in their applications and not an off-the-shelf solution so there may not be a publicly available part number.


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Hi Robert,

Thank you for your answer. I do know that two small/mid-size Japanese companies which make aftermarket car parts offer this connector in one of their products, so it seems they are able to get a hold of it. The last image is one I found on their website which seems to indicate that they order the connector in small batches. So that gives me hope that it should be publicly available.

I’ve spent hours searching through the catalogs but to no avail. From the images above is there at least any indication of who might be the manufacturer? Anything that will narrow down my search will be of great help.

The Mazda RX7 sure is a special car. I have a friend that idolized this car back in the day (late 90s early 2000s) and he was not alone. Apparently this car still has a big fanbase.
I was only able to find Japanese websites on this, and one particular one mentioned the connector of this fan. However, I had to use the Google translate to get an idea.
FD3S 電動ファン変換カプラー | ドゥー・エンジニアリング・スタッフブログ (

It seems that they custom made these connectors. Replicas of them rather.

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Hi Irfan!

Thank you for your answer!

Yes it is a special car indeed, like your friend I’m also a big fan of the RX-7. And you are right, today the fanbase might be even bigger than it was back in the day. It has become a true collectors car.

on Do-Eng’s website they mention making the small custom harness (as the newer RX-7 used a different fan design which had different connectors) So they make a small adapter harness which makes it easy to upgrade older fans to the newer style with their plug and play harness. They are not the only ones using these connectors, another Japanese company also uses them, which makes me believe they are still available to be found.

Hi again Dalmatoid.

Unless you’re looking to replace the whole assembly, (getting your own 4 position connectors, contacts, and cable that can handle the electrical aspects of the fan) I would just contact the companies that make these replicas or the upgraded ones. But sorry to say that we don’t carry these. We do carry many 4 position rectangular housings and contacts, hook up wires & cables, to make such assembly if that is what you’re looking to do. Sorry I wasn’t able to help further.

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Hey Irfan,

I actually contacted Do-Eng as I wanted to buy their plug and play harness, but no response. Hence why I wanted to figure out which connecter it is so I could make my own harness. Thank you once again for you help :slight_smile: