Automotive Connector Identification

I could use some help identifying an automotive connector. Let me know if there’s any other info I can provide to assist.

Connector Details:
This connector was labeled injection pump when it came to my desk. After some research it looks like it’s used on a Kubota fuel shut off solenoid. Found this amazon listing which has the same connector, but I need a manufacturer part number.

-2 position
-Female sockets
-16awg wire
-5.5mm (+/-.5mm)
-21mm x 28 mm x 22mm

Thank you!

Hello @awatson

Thank you for using Digi-Key’s TechForum. Unfortnately, I wasn’t able to find that connector in our system. All the information I found on it was that is was from a manufacturer called ALLMOST and we do not carry them as a supplier, so we wouldn’t have that connector.