Help Identifying Connector and Pins


I’m working on an engine swap car. The engine is a K24A2 from a 2006 Acura TSX. During installation of the intake manifold, I accidentally broke one of the fuel injector connectors off from the wires of the engine harness.

I’m looking for the female pins for the connector, so I can recrimp the wires back on. I’d also like to know a crimper that would be able to do the job.

Can someone help me out? This plug is common to a lot of Honda / Acura products.

Attaching photos of the connector and broken wires.


I am going to say this most likely is proprietary made for the Acura cars. I could not find anything identical. Here are the part numbers that I found similar:


Without having the pin spacing , I just listed the options that were the closest. There was no complete match. You can review the drawings on the website to see if you can make one of them work.

Hello. Thank you for trying to help me out. I understand it’s probably hard to make a helpful recommendation without actually seeing the pins. So I depinned them and am attaching some photos.

I’ll check out the drawings you referenced. But if this helps to make a recommendation, please let me know. Also, if you need me to measure anything else, let me know.


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If I can get some help to find the correct Digikey part number for the pins for this connector (female), I can simply recrimp the wires.

Any chance you have markings on the connector housing? Contacts are specific to their connector series , if we can match the crimp contact to the connector housing part number or series that would help in searching for the correct part. Any letters or numbers on the housing may help us find the correct contact for this connector.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for helping.

The only symbols / numbers I can see on the connector housing are a funny oval-like symbol with a dash and a 4B and a dot next to it.

I’ve drawn it on a piece of paper as it’s so small that I can’t get a good photo.

Please see attached.


Thanks for the information. Looks like a Sumitomo connector and one we don’t carry. Do a google search on part number CONN-100063 , this may be the contact you’re looking for .

Okay thanks. I appreciate the help. I’ll check with that PN you sent. Much appreciated!