Automotive connector identification

I am looking to try and identify this connector. It is in a 2005 GTO (Holden Motors). Would like to know how the blade connectors are released and what type of blade connector it uses. Believe the wire is 20 awg.IMG_0238

Any markings on the housings?
Please take a few more pictures, example one down inside the connector so we can see both contacts(male and female) and the keying.

What we carry in a 10x2 rectangular connector is in the link below

Is this a
The Holden VX taillight harness replacement for 04-06 GTO?

No markings on the connector anywhere. It is a 2005 GTO dome light harness, door lights and others. There is 1 unused wire on the female side and I need a male blade style connector that I can crimp a power supply wire to for use to power my radar detector. Also, need to know how the pins come out as there appears to be some mechanism on the male and female side of the connector.