Help identify:- Automotive 10pin wire-wire sealed connector

Hello all,
I would like some help identifying a sealed mating pair of Automotive connectors. They are used in the Nissan Leaf Chademo communication wire harness but I’ve been unable to find them through online catalogues and usual parametric searches thu Digikey, Mouser etc.
I’m looking for part numbers for both housings and associated terminals if possible. Pitch is approximately 2.5mm

Thanks in advance,

some additional pictures

Hello @Aking,

Unfortunately I was not able to positively identify this connector. I have found in many automotive applications the manufacturers use custom developed parts to avoid someone from being able to copy this. I did look through some of the bigger suppliers, however the closest option I was able to come by was TE parts 2822395-1 and 174657-2, however not an exact physical match and the pitch is different. I will certainly keep my eye open and the post will remain up in case someone who is aware of the manufacturer is able to comment.