Item # SG_8018CE_TJHSA crystal oscillator programmable. Item listed says out of stock. Is this because the item is digi-key programmable to customer order so is not considered to be generally in stock?

Hello @paul_davies3366

Thank you for using our TechForum. Part SG-8018CE-TJHSA is a value added item, so that is why we don’t show any stock. You can place an order on it and it will show that it is on backordered. If we are unable to supply it then we would contact you after you have placed the order and let you know.


To expand a bit on Brock’s response, availability of value-added items depends on availability of the materials from which a given VA product is made; in this case stock of unprogrammed oscillator blanks, which I’m seeing as being zero at the present time.

Many/most VA products are processed in response to an order, since cutting a piece of wire,programming a one-time programmable device, and similar operations generally destroys the value of the base stock if the length, frequency, etc. do not match a customer’s requirements. In the case of VA products processed ahead of time in anticipation of an order (0.1" pin headers for example) the quantity of pre-processed stock available will generally be shown.

We’ve not yet developed a good way of communicating via the website the availability of base stock materials from which any given VA product is derived; it’s an identified opportunity for improvement. Until that happens, the best way to find out prior to placing an order is to pick up the phone and call sales at 800-344-4539.