Background Color

Is there a way to change the Background color of the main window
I have a wiring harness with some white wires and would like to see them as white against a contrasting background

Welcome to the Technical Forum. The only thing I see they address is the text box option on this post: There is no way to change a text box background color

There is nothing on the background. Though the people that work with Scheme it will be watching for this type of post. So if there is something they will comment. Sorry. This is all I find.

Because electronic schematic drawing software started out as a way to make easily editable drawings to be distributed on paper (1970s), standard paper color foreground objects were not allowed.

Traditionally all wires are drawn as black then text labels, and/or a chart, is included to specify the wire colors.

This has the added benefit of avoiding problems from bad color preproduction leading to wiring/troubleshooting errors in a complex harness.

For the one time I really really wanted a black background to show off a white wire for personal use, I drew the wire in a different color then used the color replacer tool in my image editor to change the background to black and the wire to white.

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