There is no way to change a text box background color

There is an option to change the background color but it is super buggy and does not work.

For example, I change the background color to white. Instead it turns it into a gradient background that starts with the pink default and ends in white.

Try playing with the feature and you will quickly realize it does not work correctly. You can never set the starting color of a gradient background, or change the color of a solid background.

Also, transparent background (aka no background) color would be nice.

Scheme-it is super useful, but the bugs are really annoying.

@vpatron - Thank you for the feedback. The Scheme-it team is aware and working on the textbox solid fill bug. This should be fixed in the near future. In the meantime, inserting a new textbox will show a solid fill of your last choice. You can also insert a label or rectangle from the Diagram Symbols > basic shapes menu.

Transparent background is available. When selecting a color, scroll to the bottom of the color palette and choose the color option with the red X.


Thanks. That helps a lot. Also, once something has a background, it cannot go back to transparent.

Is the back/front arrangement buttons not working also a known issue? Seems pretty obvious. Should I post a different thread? Thanks!

@vpatron - can you add more detail to “it cannot go back to transparent” I am not able to reproduce that issue.
Try double clicking the arrange buttons.

Thanks again for the feedback! - feel free to start a new thread for new issues or questions. :slight_smile: