Wire colours change when I re-open Scheme-It diagram


Whenever I re-open one of my diagrams, lots of the wires which I have configured as black change themselves to red.
I then have to change them all to black if I want to print or export it. Even if I save the diagram with all the correct colours showing, next time I open the diagram the same wires are always changed back to red.
Is this a known bug ? Is there any way for me to work around it ?


Hi @walker! I created a test circuit with different color wires but wasn’t able to replicate what you are experiencing. If you’re able to share your circuit I can take a look.

Below is the example I created with the wire colors, the colors stay true every time I reopen the file.


Here is a link to my diagram that has the problem described.


I made the wire color adjustments by changing the red to black, then “Saved As” a different file name. It appears to have resolved the problem.

Try downloading this:



Hi. Thanks for trying, but this doesn’t seem to solve the problem. I tried changing the wires which should be black to black, then doing file save as and saving with a different name, but as soon as I close and re-open the new file, the wires are red again.
I think it worked for you because you changed them all to black, even those that are supposed to be red.
I think the wires are somehow linked and that’s why it assumes they are supposed to be the same colour.
You can see this when you single click on a wire, it selects lots of wires instead of just the one you click on. For example if you click on one of the wires furthest to the right. It’s as if the wires somehow got grouped but I can’t un-group them, and then when you open a file it doesn’t seem to like wires in a group to be different colours.


Please be aware that you must name your “nets” different names if you wish them to be different colors. I know this isn’t the approach that will work for everyone but this is many times the issue when it comes to wire color.
Wires will revert to first color of original net even if you have recolored them. Color is net specific.
I hope that helps you lock down your schematic with colors.


OK. Thanks. I have no idea what you mean by a “net” in this context, I’ll have to try and read up on it.
Is there any easy way for me to now make all my wires separate entities so I can colour them individually at will ?


See all the selected nets? They all have the same net Name on the right sidebar. I highlighted. Problem here is you need to erase them all and start again with new wires and DON’T copy paste :slight_smile:


If you connect the wires they will take on the net names of primary net. Be careful here. This can be a major help if you need this or a tough feature if you don’t.


So you mean I’ve got to delete all the wires and re-draw them. And I mustn’t join any wires together ?
Hmm. I don’t see that working for me as I have wires physically joined together which are different colours.
I guess I can delete and redraw the wires which keep changing colour but how do I keep them the colours I want if I want to join them to existing wires ?


OK. So I think I am beginning to see how I can have my wires different colours, and that’s by joining them via a component, for example, a resistor. The trouble is, the resistors are too big. What is the smallest, most unobtrusive component I can use to join two wires. And what if I want to join multiple wires of different colours at the same point ?
Many thanks.


Looks like I finally fixed it.
I deleted all the wires which kept changing colors and re-created using a node at each end of the line, renaming the nodes before adding the line. Seems to have done the trick. Thanks for your help.


Looks like I have fixed it now.

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That is one beautiful wiring diagram! Nice work!