I would like to know if you have this product which I have been told you had it from the manufacturer.


Welcome to the Technical Forum. I am sorry. I am unable to read any of the writing on this product. So if you can provide a different picture with the writing clear, or put in the model number in the Text that would help. Unfortunately with the picture provided, I am not able to verify. ISL appears to be a Marketplace product which means we do not do any special order requests for a quote if the part is not on the website. This is the link I found for ballast part numbers on the website: . Though I am not seeing a label that looks like the one posted, I would not like to have the part or model number that is listed. Please provide more information so we can verify if we have the product or not.

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Modern smartphone cameras automatically adjust the focus point to get the best overall photo of a 3D object with the limited depth of field available. This often makes the label on an item unreadable, like in your photo.

Two tricks to use to get better photos of component labels.

When the phone camera is ready to take the photo, tap on the screen in the center area of label image. On most phones this will override the automatic focus and make the text of label very sharp and clear. Sometimes it takes a couple taps to get the focus correct.

A easier option that works well for high pixel count cameras is to move back 30cm/12". This will greatly increase the depth of field for the camera. Then you can crop the image to have a small clear image of the label.

Instead of cropping you can use the built-in zoom function on most smart phone camera’s if your hands are steady enough (mine are not) to get clear images when zoomed in.

If the image is only for your own use, you can simply zoom in on the image when you view it rather than cropping or zooming.