Base grounding? VCO HMC587LC4B

What does package base grounding mean?
Do i have to connect only the Vcc with out GND?
what are the frequency and Vpp range that i can use as an input using the function generator?


You would still need to connect the ground for the device to operate correctly.
Frequency Range 5.0 - 10.0 GHz
I am not seeing them list a “Vpp” in that document. I do see a VCC of 5.5vmax

it says package base GND! if you see the diagram there is no GND connection pin!
I am asking about Vin from the Function generator input not the Vcc.

I see that 14, 16 and the package bottom are to be ground.
For Vin(vtune) it looks like the range is 0-18v

I connected the vcc and the GND.
I connected as well 1 v to Vtune but I don’t any output!
How to make sure this one is working?
I connected the output to Oscilloscope but it says no signal!

The output of the HMC587LC4B is at 5+ GHz, which is beyond the measurement range of most oscilloscopes. It is also necessary to use layout and interconnect techniques that are suitable for microwave operation.

The device is also extremely sensitive to static discharge, and vulnerable to damage during handling and assembly. Poorly-regulated supply or input voltages can also damage the part.

Thank you for this information,
another question about Vtune.
What should I use for the input? can I use a Function generator with DC offset?

Any source that provides a signal within the allowed range may conceivably be used. A function generator with DC offset would certainly be an option, though care must be taken to avoid accidentally setting it to a value that could damage the HMC587LC4B .