Biasing HMC659LC5 Evaluation Board


I was wondering if you could advise me in how to connect up the HMC659LC5 Evaluation Board to a voltage source? I don’t have a lot of experience with eval boards and is not clear to me from the pin diagram, below, where the Ground or Vin is to be connected.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Looking at the data-sheet, I see on page 6 information on voltage connection.

Looks like 3v for Vgg2 and ground for Vgg1.

Supply power for the device is provided via the RF output port:

You’ll want a device/network known as a bias tee to achieve the feat. Also, AN-1363 might be helpful.

Thank you very much. I understand I require 2 mm Molex headers for this. I’m having difficulty finding one that has the same 2x2 configuration as the pins on the board, so far I’ve only found the male version. Do you know if you stock anything that would work?

Please see this link for 4pos/2row 2mm pitch headers manufactured by Molex that are currently in stock.

So the eval board has male pins, what I am looking for is the corresponding female socket but I can’t seem to find that?

Please see this link for the female sockets 4 pos/2 row from Molex.

Thank you so much!