Question about SMA connector on CEVAL-055

Hey! I do not really know a whole lot about hardware or even connectors for that matter. I was looking at the CEVAL-055 ( board for a VCO and had a question about the SMA connector on there. I tried googling around but could not really find a definitive answer.

All 3 connectors on the eval board seem to be female SMA. I expected the RF output to be SMA and know that it will connect to a male SMA for connection to other components in the downstream. However, I am not sure how to connect Vcc and Vt on the CEVAL-055 using a SMA connector. What I mean is, Vcc is the power supply voltage, let’s say coming from a battery. How do I connect the 0V and 12V wires to the female SMA connector? I am sure there must exist a connector for that. Can someone point me to it?

Similarly, for the Vt, the signal is going to be a low frequency signal. Something on the order of a few kHz. I am guessing the same connector can be used for that?

I appreciate any help that i can get here. Cheers!

Hello khurram6050, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
I’ve never used this item, but I found some cables that may help with the connections.
Click here for some SMA Male cables.
Maybe one of the engineer can add to this post, and give some feedback on using this board.

Thank you for your response David!

That’s exactly what I was looking for. I imagined that something like that must exist – just could not find it anywhere haha.

I guess I should not have limited my question to the particular eval board i mentioned. This question applies to any generic SMA connector.