Basic knowledge of PCB board making-FS Technology

PCB concept

PCB can be said to be common or uncommon in our lives. It is an important electronic component and a support for electronic components. All electronic products in our lives contain PCB boards. The full name of PCB is Printed Circuit Board, which is called “printed” circuit board because it is made by electronic printing.

The role and function of PCB in various electronic devices

  1. Pad: Provide mechanical support for fixing and assembling various electronic components such as integrated circuits.​​
  2. Wires: wires used to connect various electronic components, which can help circuit boards achieve wiring and electrical connection (signal transmission) or electrical insulation between components. Provide the required electrical characteristics.
  3. Green oil and silk screen: Provide solder mask graphics for automatic assembly, and provide identification characters and graphics for component insertion, inspection, and maintenance.

Development history of PCB technology