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First post, sorry if I’m in the wrong thread.
I came across this battery pack on DK (Part No:3145-L74A52-4-3-2WX-ND). According to the label in the image it says “w/ PCB,” which I’m assuming means that it has it’s own built-in charging circuit. Is this correct?
Also, there is no datasheet. The datasheet link re-directs to the manufacturer’s web page on the product, which also does not have any more detailed information.

Hello GeneralMechatronics,

Thanks for your inquiry.

The PCB callout is most likely referring to the “PCB” style connector, as these usually plug into a PCB mount header.

This is a 2-wire battery pack, you will need the appropriate lithium-ion charger for this to ensure proper charge and safety. I know the USB style chargers are fairly popular for these packs such like below, unfortunately we do not sell these however:

Although I cannot recommend a charger or charging parameters, I have seen these USB chargers output 7.4v @ 300mA up to 1,000mA for some batteries, and the charger will automatically power off once the 7.4v is reached, typically slightly higher. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you!

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your input! I kinda figured that was the case but didn’t want to spend money on unnecessary parts. I planned on developing my own charging circuit and will research a proper chip to help manage the battery. Thanks!

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