BBG hardware revisions

we are having BBG216114003 board and trying to understand the details of this number. I can say BBG2 is Board Revision. and the rest is still a puzzle.

Please help to understand the product details.

we are facing an ethernet PHY detection problem on BBG. Is there any fix made in new hardware Rev for this issue? if yes, please provide the revision number details for the beaglebone green.

Appreciate your input.



The part number you have provided does not yield any results.
BBG216114003 - Search (


Thank you for your reply. Any Idea how to decode this number?

I guess BBG2 is Board Rev, and 16 is the year of make. rest is still a puzzle.


By BBG are you referring to a Beagle Board Green?

Yes, Beagle Bone Green

Post a picture of it?