Hello everyone, I would like to know if this code 2820-102110420-ND refers to new beaglebone black Rev c3?

Thanks for all.

Hi @leonardo.alcantara that is correct, Seeed has switched over to PCB Rev C3, all the old prior “C” sold out last summer. (Last December was our first shipment of C3 from Seeed, and those sold out too…)


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I have also been trying to decipher what is going on with this. I have much better understanding of the beaglebone line up now that I have been deep diving into the product pages and such, but now I have to add a question to this.

Firstly, I found this link to the official product page.
that doesn’t make any mention of it at all

I also found this link to the Github page

It shows that the VC3 is a thing.

and of course we have the product on our website

DIGI-KEY PART # 2820-102110420-ND
MANUFACTURER BeagleBoard by Seeed Studio
DATASHEET 2820-102110420-ND Spec

That does not show it either.

I do have to ask since it looks looks to me that the Beagle Bone Black Wireless /Black Industrial / AI / Green / Green Wireless / and SanCloud Beagle Bone Enhanced are all derivatives of the Beagle Bone Black. Do you know if this means they are all C3 versions too?

No, this is specific to the BeagleBone Black currently produced by SeeedStudio… All other’s had various stock-piles of parts for their design’s. Seeed was the first to run out of the EOL microSD cage’s, so the PCB had to be changed, thus a couple old fixes where rolled into what calls “Rev C3”… eventually everyone else will migrate, but today, only the BeagleBone Black from Seeed is a “Rev C3”…


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Hi @RobertCNelson, Thank you for your support.
On the digikey website they have about 3000 in stock, all are already with the new C3 revision correct?
I will buy some units

Correct, “all” BeagleBone Black’s from Seeed Studio in our building are Rev C3…


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