BGA purchase

Hello there,
I am looking to buy 1200 BGAs of size 500 micron. Any immediate help would be highly appreciated

Hi Kefayet, Welcome to TechForum. A BGA is just the package type of many types of Integrated Circuits. Do you have the part number of the IC you are needing that would come in a BGA package? Glenda

@ Kefayet


I found four solder sphere products with a 0.5mm size. The top two items in the list have a quantity of 25k per jar, and the bottom two have a quantity of 250k per jar (look at the photos). Note the differences in lead/lead free, composition, etc. All of these have stock available except one of the 250k jars.

I do not see a smaller package for only 1200 pieces at the 500 u size.