Blueship RockeTape™ Models & Applications

RockeTape offers up to 4x lower thermal conductivity and diffusivity than other polyimide films and insulation tapes on the market. RockeTape is a thin, lightweight, and low-density tape that uses a peel and stick silicone PSA that bonds easily to plastic, carbon fiber, glass, and metal. Its narrow format makes it ideal for use in tight spaces, while maintaining great mechanical strength and flexibility.

When RockeTape is applied to a 200 °C contact heat source for 30 minutes, it delivers up to a 20 °C temperature drop. This temperature drop is significant enough to protect sensitive components from overheating. AeroZero technology ensures 2-in-1 thermal protection by combining the benefits of polyimide and structured air. Due to its ability to protect a wide range of components from transient thermal events, RockeTape is great for use in aerospace, speciality electronics, performance racing, and medical devices.


Digi-Key/Manufacturer Part # 4508-RTAZS-025100-ND (RTAZS-025100)

  • Protects from high temperature heat sources
  • Easy application on complex shapes
  • Use for interior surfaces where the AeroZero surface does not need a facing for extra protection

These unique benefits are magnified with the addition of a graphite substrate to our AeroZero base as seen below.


Digi-Key/Manufacturer Part # 4508-RTGRS-025100-ND (RTGRS-025100)

  • Protects from extreme temperature heat sources
  • Highest max use temperature potential
  • XY thermal conductivity spreads and dissipates heat quickly
  • Protects for aeroheating and contact heating

These unique benefits are magnified with the addition of a polyimide substrate to our AeroZero base as seen below.


Digi-Key/Manufacturer Part # 4508-RTPIS-025100-ND (RTPIS-025100)

  • Maximum thermal insulation performance
  • Protects from extreme temperature swings
  • Environmental protection layer
  • General use in exterior conditions

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