BMS Fuse Identification

Sub: BMS Fuse Identification
Ref: HP Laptop Battery
PN: 432974-001(HP Spare Replacement Battery PN)
FUSE Marking: 12AH4 SC\SF
Size: ~3mm x 5mm
Type: Solder Bridge w/heater, 3/4 pin?

The attached pictures are from a HP Board Management System(BMS) for a 4s2p 18650 cell configurtion. Searching on the marking of ’12AH4 SC\SF’ was not successful.

Thank you for your help

Well looking on the Internet I find it is possibley a 12A , 36 volt fuse. I would say most likley fast acting. It appears it is protecting an IC. I did not see any size listed so I went by what you listed. I did not find anything on our website that is 12A and that size. I kind of looked if there was anything close to the size. I had no luck. I would like to see if anyone else would find something different. Just in case what I found is not correct.

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I agree with @Verna_1353. This does appear to be the 12A 36V SFH-1412A. If Digikey doesn’t carry them, you should have no problem finding them for sale elsewhere online.

And if you are interested, there’s a lot of good information about these fuses here.


Good luck!

Excellent work x2, Thanks

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The closest alternative part in our system is 283-SCF5432-12-04CT-ND (Eaton SCF5432-12-04). The footprint should be the same.

For reference, here is a snip from the Datasheet

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