Board mounted bus bar to route big current

Hello …
I need to move about 50 amps (maybe less or more) from one place on a PCB to another, and I do not have enough copper in the board to do it.
I seem to remember that someone made Long buss bars that would mount on a board, through hole, or surface mount, and act as a conductor, and maybe add some capacitance.
I have a height constraint of 0.2 inches , and the length needed is about 6 inches.
So a long skinny ( 3/8 inch ish wide) thing, with ground leads on one side, and 12V leads on the other, is what I have in mind.
Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you!! JD

Even if you were to add a bus-bar to the PCB that can handle 50A it would not help due to one problem: there still isn’t enough copper to handle 50A to make a wide enough trace on the PCB according to your statement. The PCB would still start overheating because 50A stays 50A. The bus-bar would survive but the PCB would still fail unless you plan on soldering whatever component you need to route 50A to right on the bus and absolutely no traces would be connected to the bar that don’t have resistors and other protective measures…

Is soldering directly to the bar the intended idea? Also, from looking at our catalog, we only have the bus-bars that have separate circuits, not one long continuous strip unfortunately.

Kaleb’s point regarding termination-related issues is quite valid; those interconnect points would require some careful attention.

A person might conceivably get by however if those regions were made sufficiently small and provided with sufficient means of getting rid of any heat generated by I2R losses. A bus bar itself might potentially be used as a heat sink to that effect. Unfortunately I’m not aware of/finding anything either along these lines in terms of a standard product with the dimensions described. It wouldn’t seem difficult to grab oneself a roll of wire and a bending jig to make one’s own however if production volumes are expected to be low. If larger quantities are needed, there are suppliers such as Keystone Electronics on our line card that have experience in metal forming and offer custom fabrication services, subject of course to tooling charges, min order quantities, NCNR terms, etc.

Hello JAD700,
Below is a list of the ones that we do carry for your reference, it looks like 20A is the highest, and much shorter length: