Bonding Strap Selection

I have been designated as a point source for a question about copper bonding straps.
I am being asked to quantitatively present the electrical conductivity coefficient in comparative terms (in ohms) between a given length, width and thickness of solid copper sheet versus copper braid.
In my extensive experience, the solid copper sheet will have a measurably lower coefficient than the braid, but I am being asked for numerical data that supports this.
So assuming you have side-by-side samples of copper sheet and copper braid of identical dimensions, and you apply the test leads of an ohmmeter from end to end on each sample, how would each sample compare in value?
If you can answer this, or lead me to anyone who can help me answer this, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


I know many parts such as A1231SV-100-ND have a Nominal DC resistance called out in the data sheet. This part for example has a resistance of 3.49 Ohms/1000 ft. By using this nominal resistance you should be able compare resistance values.