Broadcom HSSR-7111 Dual Marking?

Can you please let me know if PN# HSSR-7111 has dual mark with pn# HSSR-7111 and 5962-9314001HPC ?

i need urgent response for this.

Yes. It indicates a SMD IC and a certain lead finish. See lead configuration options table page 2 of the datasheet here:

I believe there is some confusion at work here; SMD in this context refers to a Standard Microcircuit Drawing, rather than “surface mount device” as is more common in electronics parlance.

The 5962-9314001HPC part number is QML listed, and would be expected to carry both the Avago P/N and the DLA SMD marking. The HSSR-7111, while tested to MIL-PRF-38534, would NOT to my understanding carry both markings.


any chance anybody can check the part in the warehouse?