I would like to ask a question about the parts marking

Does this mean this part is 400V 1A rectified?
If possible, please list compatible electronic parts
Please help answer Thank you!

No: because of limited space, small part markings are typically encoded and do not indicate device characteristics or ratings directly.

The logo is that of General Semiconductor (now Vishay) and the marking would suggest that it is an S2M or S3M rectifier, which differ in physical size.

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This part was made by General semiconductor but I am not finding anythimng for the device type shown in link below , this manufacturer was bought out by Vishay .
Page 4 for part marking callout
SM is a type code
41A is a date code , my best guess is 2004 January A is factory

It could be either part number S07M-GS18 or S07M-GS08 from the data sheet I found below Both are marked with the SM you will have to check the data sheet to see if either of these will work for you .

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