Identify SMD diode

SMD diode marking…uj41a
2 pole 4.15 mm L x 2.65 mm W

in a motor controller board 120 single phase to 3 phase
Board is a Sanken SPS065 PKG1
Any equivalent doide available ?

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. Take a look at Digikey part US1J-E3/5ATGICT-ND which is a diode of similar size and has the marking of UJ . I’m not sure how the markings are actually shown on your part and the part I listed is a guess. If you can post a photo that may assist in identifying what you have.

Here is pictures

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Thanks for the photo, based on the markings and looking at page 3 here it’s a good chance Digikey part US1J-E3/5ATGICT-ND is the diode you’re looking for .

Hi Steve,
Thanks, I will desolder and test out of circuit.
in circuit this diode shows response in both directions to DVM diode reading in both directions.
so possibly bad.