Need help identifying these diodes

¡Hi everyone! Need help identifying these diodes in a circuit board of a PLC Logo Siemens 12/24rce.
The big one have the following numbers and letters:
The small one is from ST and it has the following numbers and letters (what i saw):
GP 101”

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. The big one appears to be Vishay part SML4753AHE3_A/H based on the A36 marking which is listed in this datasheet. I’m still searching for the smaller ST part.

I’m not find any information on the part marked with RLA, can you check the markings again to verify this is an ST Micro part and is the marking RLA , could it be R1A or RIA ?

Yup, maybe is R1A or RIA, i can’t see the marking clearly.
Thanks for the reference of the big one.

I searched the different marking possibilities and can’t come up with a good offering for the ST part.

There’s a diode that can replace this diode from ST? I guess that is a TVS or a Rectifier diode, but i amn’t sure.