Can't find this part to replace- SOLVED

I have to replace 2 of these on a board. The size is 4.3mm x 3.5mm and has LT88A on it. I don’t know what the symbol means but there is another component with the same symbol, SM8S36A. I tried to use that to find the manufacturer but I just find stuff from China. DSC_0163 (2)


The symbol looks like a Vishay marking, and there is an example on page 04 of this document: [click here ]. The part number that you referenced also suggests Vishay.

For Vishay, there is often a “type” code in the marking, and that might be “LT” as shown in this document on page 02: [click here ].

Using part number SMBG18A from that line, and Vishay as the manufacturer, I found these results on our site: [click here ]. I wasn’t yet able to identify the last specs, but this should be close.

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Bill has it right. From his link, this is the one we have in stock:




Awesome, thanks guys I really appreciate it.