Broadcom optical fibre cable part HFBR-EUS100Z

Presently, we are using Broadcom part HFBR-EUS100Z which has outer jacket of only PE, failing under high humidity conditions (Dry band arcing phenomenon).

We need outer jacket of optical fiber cable with below specifications.

Outer jacket : Anti-tracking PE,
Features : dielectric self-supporting cable in high voltage aerial fields exceeding
12 kV, up to 50 kV applications. The anti-tracking jacket withstands
a condition known as dry arcing.

requested to provide the alternate as per above details

Hello purchase2, welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum.
I checked for the fiberoptic cables in our system, with the Polyethylene (PE) outer jackets.
None of the datasheet for these cables mention any Anti-tracking option, or list high voltage applications, or address the issue of dry arcing. So we do not have a match for your requirements.