Bulkhead Interface for Molex MX150 34840 Connectors

A common question that comes up on the MX150 34840 Series of connectors from Molex is how to order the twistlock (bulkhead interface) mount shown in the data sheet. The data sheet drawing (below) is a CAD model created for testing and validation purposes only and is not available to be ordered. The Dimensions are available in the data sheet on the individual product pages and it is up to the customer to create their own mold.

MX150™ 34840 Series

0348408010 0348406010 0348406020 0348404010 0348403010 0348403020 0348403030 0348403040 0348404020 0348404030 0348404040 0348408020 0348408030 0348408040 0348406030 0348406040

WM10344-ND WM10342-ND WM10340-ND WM10338-ND WM10339-ND WM10341-ND WM10345-ND