Busqueda de conector circular

Hola, me pongo en contacto para identificar y consultar existencias de dos conectores que necesito.
El conector al que tengo que enchufar es el JAE 16-10 y JAE 16-7.
Necesito el conector hembra para esos enchufes.

Heeo jrllor,

Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
A possible match for the JAE female 16-10 connector is 670-1115-ND or 670-1131-ND.
A possible match for the JAE female 16-7 connector is 670-1117-ND or 670-1133-ND.
Please check the datasheets to verify compatibility to your application.

Helo, Thank you for your answer. I am not sure that this match because the external structure makes me doubt. What I have is:

Unfortunately I am not seeing we have a match. The options David found are the closest I can find also. Sorry.

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