Buzzing RG213 connector

I recently bought part number 2368-06-N003-ND, an N-type connector, to terminate a RG213 cable that came with an HVDC source. I believe I installed the connector correctly, soldering the wire core to the pin, stripping the shielding to the recommended dimensions, crimping with the right size crimper. But when there’s more than about 3 or 4kV on it I hear a fairly loud buzzing sound coming from the connector. There’s no (visible) corona discharge. Is this an installation error or is this normal?


The rated working voltage for connectors of this type is typically around 500V, with dielectric breakdown ratings (when mentioned) being a few kV. What I expect you’re hearing is an arc forming within the connector shorting the power supply, causing it’s output voltage to collapse, in turn causing the arc to extinguish, allowing the output voltage to increase, re-igniting an arc, etc. etc.

Depending on the desired voltage levels, you may be pushing the limits of the RG213 cable itself. In any event, you’d want to select a connector with working voltage ratings compatible with your application. RHV-100-E is the first thing I came across that looks like it might fit your bill.

Also, do bear in mind that RF coaxial connectors of this sort permit direct contact with the shield conductor, and as such may not be the greatest option ever for HVDC work.

Got it, thank you! I’ll send this feedback to the manufacturer of the HVDC source, too.