Volt information for 0334721207 connector

Hello There,
I need to Volt information for 0334721207 connector. How many Volt is this socket?
thank you for your helo and reply in advance.

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Here is what I found on these connectors.
The voltage rating per contact of these is 14vdc max. As per Molex website regarding the contacts that go into these from series 33001 and 33012.

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Hello, Thank you for your kind reply.
I got information from another source that it is 22A 250V.
Thank you again.

The source I used was from the manufacturers website data sheet on contacts for that connector.
Molex Connector Part Number - 33472-1207 | Molex

The biggest terminals this housing can accept are at 14-16AWG size which is 14VDC max per contact.

Molex Connector Part Number - 33001-2003 | Molex

I’m curious to know what source you got your information from since the connector data sheet itself does not mention max volts and current.
334721207_sd.pdf (molex.com)

I bought the Ampere and Volt information from another manufacturer that produces a similar socket.
However, I would like to thank you for the additional information and other documents you provided.
Molex company presentation all the technical information data, but did not clearly state Ampere and Volt. However, this information we need too when examining product suitability.
Thank you again for your kind help and support.

Hi atyotomotiv,

I found a Molex document titled “Sealed Connector System, 3.50mm pitch” at this URL covering the MX150 series in general, which states on page 2 that other than the Twist-Lock Sealed Bulkhead versions of the series, they are rated for up to 500V.

I do find it odd and annoying that they do not give this information on the individual part datasheets but rather only on the general series document. You may also want to peruse that Molex page for more general information.

Hi David,
Thank you very much again. Finding information shouldn’t be this difficult. We’ve wasted so much time