BXRA-27E0540-A-03 alternative

i have some track lights that have these but they are discontinued. what is an alternative?

Looks like the BXRA series is no longer in production. You can switch to other series of Bridgelux COB LEDs such as the BXRE series.

The “star” format is more or less obsolete for use in commercial products, so finding drop-in replacements that aren’t a compromise in some way will be difficult.

BXRH-27S1001-G-73 is optically and electrically similar, and could conceivably fit in some applications having the 19mm fastener spacing typical of star-format boards. If the fixtures are designed in such a way that only boards of the star-type format can be accommodated, the currently-available options would not match well with other devices currently installed, and may require replacement of the associated driver to operate.

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