BZX84B12-E3-08 marking H67

BZX84B12-E3-08 , marking code : H67 but we received marking : Z67 Please help to advise and confirm ?

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. Yes, you are correct. The proper marking according to the datasheet , page 3 for part BZX84B12-E3-08 is listed as H67. Can you provide a photo of the part you have showing the markings to help us verify, thanks.

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From what I can see here on page 3, the Z67 marking appears to be the same or generally equivalent specifications to the component the OP was expecting. It appears, however, that this datasheet I linked is several years old and may no longer be valid.


Photo in pdf file.

Thanks for the photos, I sent your information to have it verified and will post the information when I receive it.

The correct information on the marking has been provided by Slycer2002 , thanks.