Cable CNC TECH P/N: 3239-24-1-0500-0XX-1-TS

Hi Team,

May need your help to check for part below. Is there any alternative with similar spec but I need 24 AWG above 26 AWG, 28 AWG as I have the concern of OD. Please provide the MPN of alternative.

  1. CNC TECH P/N: 3239-24-1-0500-0XX-1-TS

Hi Erik09,

We don’t have any which meet all specifications. Which specs do you need to meet?

  • Max voltage?
  • UL ratings?
  • Max diameter?
  • Insulation material (does it need to be silicone rubber)?
  • Operating Temperature (min/max)?
  • Jacket colors?
  • Conductor material?
  • Max voltage? 3000V
  • UL ratings? UL3239
  • Max diameter? 1.57MM
  • Insulation material (does it need to be silicone rubber)? XLPE
  • Operating Temperature (min/max)? 105 degree celcius
  • Jacket colors? Red, BLack, Green
  • Conductor material? Stranded Tinned Copper

Thank you for your reply Erik,

Here’s the closest options we have in-stock:

Hi Erik09,

It doesn’t look like we stock anything that meets all of your specs. The Daburn 2475 series meets your diameter requirement and exceeds the voltage and temperature specs. However it does not have the UL3239 rating and we do not maintain stock of the green jacketed version. It is also not inexpensive.

Daburn does make the 2636/28AAA series, which meets most of your requirements in the 28 AWG size (O.D of 1.47mm, UL3239, 3kV, silicone rubber jacket, nickel plated copper (standard)). Their standard color for this is white, but it looks like they can make it in other colors and it might be possible to get it with tinned copper, if required.

We do not stock the 2636/28AAA, but we might be able to special order it, if it met Daburn’s requirements for minimum order quantities and lead-times. Let us know if you are interested in getting a quote on these.

Hi David_1528,

It looks like the Daburn 2636 series can be suited, may you check with factory for below AWG and colour on its lead time and stock?

  1. 26 AWG - Black, Red, White and Green
  2. 28 AWG - Black, Red, White and Green