Cable Protection - Grommets


Lets say you drill a hole in a panel to run a wire and want to protect it. Digi-Key has many different products for protecting cables.

Two options that will be discussed here are Hole Grommets and Edging Grommets.
A Hole Grommet is the part to use for individual cables or wires. image
The main specs to consider are:

Panel Thickness image

Panel Cutout- Hole size: image

Inside diameter of the Grommet: image

Edging Grommets are a little Different. image

They are made to cover the edge of a panel. They also could be used as a hole Grommets if the cutout is square or bigger that what a Hole grommet can fill.
These are chosen by:

Slotted Edging


Solid Edging


Panel Thickness


This is chosen by Panel Cutout Dimensions