Grommet Inquiry

I have a loudspeaker that is bolted to its enclosure with a black grommet that I assume is rubber. The mounting hole in the speaker where the grommet goes is 20mm. I have a photo of the grommet in question, but no dimensions are given. I also made a drawing. I tried to upload these images here, but just got cryptic texts not images??
Anyway the grommet looks like a donut with a groove indented through its middle that would fit the 20mm hole in the speaker frame.
I looked through some of the grommets on your site that have radially-placed ridges. The grommets I seek are smooth on top.
Can you help?
Many thanks,


Hello groland, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
The closest match for a 20mm panel cutout, is RPC5538-ND.
This will have a 11mm hole in the middle, which will be a little smaller that what’s shown in the picture on our website. Check if the 11mm opening will work for your application.

Hello David,
The bolt head for the grommet is about 12mm across, which is very little overlap.
It might be worth my trying them. I would need a dozen. What would be the cost for 15 pieces?
Many thanks,

Hi @groland ,

The price should be listed on our website. Otherwise you can contact or call 1.800.344.4539 for pricing or a quote.