Need product suggestion to protect seatbelt as it passes through metal opening

I’m low-tech compared to the typical user on this site, but I’ve been tasked with trying to find a solution to an issue we have with a seatbelt that is used on our machine. It is a relatively simple problem. I just don’t know what is the best solution.

We have a piece of rehab equipment that the user sits on. There is a seatbelt that passes through a hole in the metal seat frame. As it passes through, it is getting scraped and chewed by that metal opening. It is primarily on the side where the belt enters the hole and not on the side where the rider sits.

I need some type of grommet or other solution that would fit that hole. I’m not sure if there is one that fits the exact dimensions of the current hole in the metal chair. It may be possible to get our manufacturer to change the dimensions of the hole in the chair if there is no other way to find a solution that will fit it. Would rather not have to change the dimension of the hole in the chair if possible.

The thickness of the metal is 0.25". The other dimensions are in the image below:

Here is a pic of where the seat enters the hole.

Any suggestions on the best product and solution to provide some sort of plastic or rubber guide around the hole so the seat belt no longer gets snagged, chewed, and torn would be greatly appreciated. Again would prefer a solution that does not require use to have our manufacturer change the dimensions of the current hole if possible, but if its necessary, let me know that too.

Here is a wider shot of the entire machine:

not sure these would help but grommet we have that possibly may work RPC2100-ND , RPC6106-ND , but I think that they may not be a good hold unless you use adhesive to hold them in place . Also I have concern they may be too rigid .

Again I’m low tech and not mechanically minded. Just want to make sure I follow your suggestion. We would cut the RPC2100-ND or RPC6106-ND in lengths that matched the circumference of the hole, and if they are flexible enough, guide it around the entire hole?

As far as using an adhesive is concerned, would this be a common practice for attaching a Polyamide or PVC material to a metal material? Will these materials bond well? Is there a particular adhesive you would recommend?

This would be the idea, correct.

I can’t recall seeing an instance of a grommet being bonded in place in such a situation. It’s messy, cumbersome, makes replacement a pain, and doesn’t add a lot of benefit. Another option a person might try is using a rubber grommet sized for a 2.75" hole or thereabouts. Closest we’d have would probably be GR3404A. There are folks who make oval ones also, though they’d be more of a specialty item.

Hi David,

If the panel is aluminum, you could perhaps obtain some fine grain sanding paper and polish the edge of the opening. With some patience the surface will be smoother than what any grommet will provide.

Heke, AsamaLab

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Thanks. That sounds like a better solution.

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