Can’t find the right terminals for a capacitor

Hi. I’m trying to buy a new pair of capacitors for my AC Inverter Condenser PCB. They’re 450v 680uF. Thing is… they’re “snap in” type, but I can’t find any capacitor with the same terminals

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I’m not seeing that we have any aluminum electrolytic capacitors with that terminal type unfortunately.

Looking at the drawing of your component footprint the distance between the edge of the pin to the center of the other pin is 14.2mm.

The tab width is 6mm, so the distance between the edge of those terminals, 14.2mm - 3mm = 11.2mm.

Most 2 lead snap in capacitors of these values have a pin spacing of 10mm. That’s a tough call because those types of leads don’t like to be moved around too much and it would be hard to get the cap flush to the board. You might be able to make it work but it would need some support underneath like hot glue.



Welcome to the community! I too was looking into this for you and I have found some similar results to Kristof. It does not look like we carry a series with compatible pins.

I do have an idea and though I cannot guarantee it would work and even though the risk is yours to take, I thought I might mention it non the less.

[Here is a link to some possible capacitor options][4005]

There you will find options similar to this:


This capacitor has standard pins and are spaced at 10.00mm apart. It might be possible to add the terminals you need to this capacitor by soldering them on yourself using something like this:


You can find this on our website if you would like to look more into it.

These terminals maybe a little small as they are 5.21mm (VS 6mm) X 0.5mm (VS 1.2mm) but the sockets in the board look to have a spring lock that could make up for the difference.

There are more options as well, this is just one of them.
Click here to see them

I do hope that this can provide at least a possible solution. If you decide to try this it would be great if you could let us know here on this post how it works out for you!