Cant find peak current rating of capacitor

Was looking at purchasing capacitor with model #44BWF13500ZA0J

Unfortunately, the data sheet does not quote what the peak current it can handle is. It quotes models similar but not this exact model (44BWF13500ZA0J), this can be seen in the attached image below. None of the model numbers in that table line up with the one displayed on the website.

If anyone has any idea where I could find the peak current rating for the model in question that would be great.



We are checking on this. Will let you know when we receive the answer.

If one plots Ipkr vs. C, a pretty clear trend emerges that puts the value for a 0.5uf device around 375A.

Also, if one divides Ipkr by the corresponding C value, a figure pretty much equal to the listed dV/dt value is the result.

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